Inspiring a Compassionate World for Farmed Animals


We are working to grow a farmed animal sanctuary that connects community through compassion.

Luvin Arms is a place of refuge for abused or neglected farmed animals. We work to inspire our community to think differently and promote a more compassionate lifestyle through education and outreach programs.

Our rescued residents include cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, horses, goats, sheep, ducks, and a llama. These beautiful residents were rescued from horrific situations including abuse and neglect cases, factory farms, religious rituals, slaughterhouse-bound trucks, bankrupt farms, and more. They were left with nowhere to turn and would have been slaughtered if they hadn't been saved.

Tours of the Sanctuary are offered on the weekends April through November. They give visitors the chance to connect with the residents 1-1 and get to know them as the unique individuals that they are. Schedule your visit here!


We are Driven by Compassion, Freedom, Trust, Community, Love, Peace, and a Holistic Way of Life.

Be the Change