Art Poster Contest for World Day for Farmed Animals!

World Day for Farmed Animals on October 2nd, which is also Gandhi’s birthday, is in memory of Gandhi, who believed in treating all living beings with respect.

Farmed animals, like pigs and cows and chickens and turkeys are just like other animals like our cats and dogs at home. They love their friends and family, they feel scared if they think they are in danger, and they have complex social relationships. Their emotional lives are very similar to our own. Unfortunately, much of the time, we tend to forget how amazing farmed animals are, which is why we are putting together this poster contest to raise awareness for these wonderful beings!

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary invites ALL artists and animal lovers of all ages to participate in this fun contest! We especially hope schools will include this project in their curriculum as a way to get students involved in community work. The finished art work may be used on cards, T-shirts, stickers and more!

***Everyone who enters the contest is eligible for a free in person or virtual tour of the sanctuary***

Have any questions about the contest? Reach out to us!

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This is a great way to get students interested in both art and animals, a couple of the most beautiful things in this world, if you ask us. Any materials are acceptable and the contest is FREE to enter!


What does the winner of the contest win? Drum roll please…

  • A free in person tour with 4 or your family members or friends. If in person is not an option for you, a virtual tour will allow you to bring as many of your friends and family as you wish!
  • A free Luvin Arms T-shirt. Winner chooses which one they want… we got options!
  • Their poster featured on the Luvin Arms facebook page for World Farmed Animals Day on October 2nd
  • We will also hang the original poster in our visitor center where everyone who visits the sanctuary comes through

    Contest rules:

    • Contest runs through September 30th. This is the last day we will be able to accept artworks. If the hard copy can not make it to the sanctuary by this date, no problem!  We will accept a high resolution scan or photo of the artwork!
    • Submitted artwork must be your original creation, no one else’s
    • Teachers can submit art on behalf of their students
    • Your art must include a farmed animal (not wild animal or companion animal)
    • Poster must include the message ‘Show Luv to Farmed Animals’



    • Fill the space and add color
    • Any size is allowed but we suggest 8 ½ x 11 inches
    • Use nice strong quality paper for painting
    • Take some artistic license and be brave… experiment!
    • HAVE FUN

    Enter your poster into the contest!

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