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61 rescued animals travel thousands of miles home

21 chickens, 35 goldfish, 4 disabled pigeons, 1 partridge

610 chickens saved from deplorable conditions and the last flock, along with 40 other rescued animals, needs to be transported 4,535 miles across the country to their forever homes.

Between the van rental, gas, tolls, transport supplies like crates and food, and food for the volunteers, this trip will cost $3,450. If 75 people give $46, we can get everyone home safely. We don't have any funds left from our initial fundraiser, so it's CRUCIAL that we meet this goal and get everyone home safely.

Over the past three months, you helped nurse hundreds chickens back to health and transport them home after they were left to suffer and die. We used up every penny from our Facebook fundraiser and then some for this rescue, but still have this one last trip costing $3,450 to get the last of the birds home.

A home on the east coast fell through after the flock was already on the way, so they were being fostered in Brooklyn for the last month. Now, they need to get to their forever homes throughout Washington and California.

Maddie Cartwright and Rocky Schwartz are volunteering 100+ hours of their time to get these birds home. But not only are they transporting the 21 rescued chickens, but also a chukar partridge, four disabled pigeons, and 35 rescued goldfish.

Another volunteer drove the last flock from Luvin Arms up to South Dakota to meet Maddie and Rocky so they can also head to Washington.

The trip is 4,535 miles and over 100 hours. They're traveling nonstop.

These birds have been through so much — starvation, dehydration, infections, frostbite, fractures, gaping wounds, and more. They deserve to live the rest of their lives in peace, but we need your help to make that happen.

Any amount you can give truly makes a difference for the animals. Thank you for giving these beings the lives they truly deserve.