Franklin & Felix

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Franklin & Felix Need Your Help!

Franklin and Felix have inspired hundreds with Luv and compassion! Help them be healthy and comfortable so they can continue to inspire many more.

The boys need to visit CSU's Veterinary hospital to get radiographs of their joints as the first step in managing their joint issues.

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Compassion is the basis of morality.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Franklin & Felix Need Your Help!

Franklin and Felix are two sweet and adorable brothers.

They were rescued from a ranch before they were sent to slaughter, and now their forever home is here at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary.

Franklin and Felix spend their days playing, exploring, eating, and getting bellyrubs from adoring caregivers and visitors. All while teaching those who meet them how special pigs are—and inspiring everyone who meet them to make more compassionate eating choices.

Sadly, pigs who are raised for food often suffer painful joint issues as they grow too rapidly in order to be ready for slaughter while they are still babies. Recently, Franklin and Felix began experiencing pain that must be treated immediately. They are suffering from joint weakness, stiffness, and limping.

Franklin and Felix will need to travel to Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital so they can be properly diagnosed and receive pain relief treatments. The care and treatment for these special boys is estimated to be more than $3,000.

We need your support to help Franklin and Felix get the care they need so they can continue their happy lives at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary!

Please make your generous, tax-deductible donation today to help these special boys get well!

With your help, we can get them on the road to recovery so they can continue to change the hearts of all who meet them.

Thank you for being a caring person who loves animals like Franklin and Felix. Please give today!

"Franklin and Felix hold a special place inside the hearts of all people who meet both boys. In fact, after visitors spend a few minutes with either boy, visitors often say, “I need to change the way I eat.”. We hope Franklin and Felix will find a special place in your heart, too. Please make a special gift today to help Franklin and Felix.” — The Luvin Arms Team

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