Belle's Story

Belle is a dark brown mare who is approximately sixteen years old. The Shah family heard about a pregnant mare and two foals at a slaughter auction and went with the intent of saving them. After a successful rescue, the two foals found loving homes and Belle is enjoying life at Luvin Arms, soon to be joined by her foal, due in February 2016. Belle's history is unknown, but due to her body's confirmation, it is likely she was kept as a broodmare at a ranch, and has probably given birth to several foals. We are excitedly waiting for her baby to be by her side—and for her to know that, this time, her baby will never be taken away from her.

Belle is sweet and loving. The two foals at the auction were not hers, yet she gave them deep comfort, and protection, and assurance the entire time. When introduced to Niblet, she gave him the same motherly care.

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