Peter & Desmond

Peter & Desmond's Story

Peter and Desmond are our two beautiful, dark burgundy Duroc pigs. It is difficult to distinguish the two, but, if you look closely, you can see that the tip of Peter's tail is black and his forehead is dark. These two boys had a life similar to Felix and Franklin, living in the Agricultural Heritage Center in Longmont, as a display of a pig’s role on the farm. In the Fall of 2015, Peter and Desmond were to return to their owners for slaughter. One of the workers at the AHC fell in love with them and intervened on their behalf. She negotiated their purchase
and arranged for them to have a permanent home at Luvin Arms.

When Peter and Desmond arrived at Luvin Arms, they were heartily welcomed by Felix and Franklin who made every effort to get over to see them when they arrived. The four boys are working to establish their social order. They love to settle into the deep straw at night, sometimes snuggling up in a corner alone or perhaps lying next to a best friend. All four are very vocal and social.

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