Tito's Story

Tito arrived to Luvin Arms at just 10 days old, in the spring of 2017. Tito was a “leftover” calf from what we think was a veal transport truck.  Since a percentage of calves do not make it through transport the farmers will add in a few extra to make up for those who will not survive the journey. The truck driver realized that Tito was an extra and contacted sanctuaries to see if anyone could take him in. Tito came to us very sick with severe infection, dehydration and diarrhea.  His first week, as a new member of the Luvin Arms sanctuary, was spent at CSU veterinary hospital getting nursed back to health. Now healthy, Tito is roaming the pastures with the other cows. Since Tito was raised by people he’s like a giant puppy. He loves to play and be frisky. At Luvin Arms Tito has found his best friend, Leroy. The two can be found spending their days grazing together or napping side by side.

More of Tito...


  • Getting scratched behind his ears

  • Snuggling with his best friend Leroy

  • Practicing his soccer skills with his ball