• Gazing out at the mountains

  • Sunbathing

  • Having his space

Tony's Story

Tony came to Luvin Arms through the call of a realtor looking to dispatch him from the property she wanted to sell in Livermore, CO, which is just past Fort Collins.  The man who lived on the property, keeping Tony, had died a year prior. Tony had been living in about a 5 acre pasture next to a stream for an unknown period of time. His water bowl was tinted red from rust and his food bowl was empty.  The only shelter provided was a small rundown shack piled up with junk, which Tony appeared to use as his bathroom. According to the neighbor, the man keeping Tony had never fed him or done anything to care for him. Tony’s hair was matted and his toenails were overgrown.  Llamas need their toenails trimmed at least once or twice a year. Neglecting to trim them leads them to overgrowth, which can lead to lameness. Now at Luvin Arms Tony gets regular nail trimmings and haircuts, just part of the routine that keeps him happy and healthy. Tony has a fantastic view of the mountains from his pasture. This is where you can typically find this laid back guy hanging out.

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