You're safe now, Robbie

Her past is heartbreaking...
We have a new rescued resident at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary...say hello to Robbie the hen! Robbie had a traumatic and painful beginning and needs high-quality medical care now that she's safe. We knew you would have wanted us to rescue her, and we knew our community would be there to help support her. Can you help Robbie by making a gift today?
Robbie was at an animal shelter in Los Angeles and while the shelter did their best to care for her, a loud shelter with barking dogs is no place for a gentle, sensitive, and social hen like Robbie. If she stayed there much longer, she may have been adopted out to someone who would use her for her egg production, and then discard of her when her production slowed. Thankfully, a kind person knew this fate and took her in. Then we stepped up to give her a permanent home.
Since Robbie's beak has been mutilated and her comb has been cut off, we believe that she came from an industrial farm. Debeaking is a painful procedure done quickly and without anesthetics, and it is standard practice for battery caged, "cage-free", and "free-range" hens alike — though there's very little difference between these so-called "humane" practices. It breaks our hearts to know that Robbie endured such cruelty.

But there's hope for Robbie. At Luvin Arms, Robbie will never be abused again. She will never be exploited, and she will live the life that she deserves. One filled with love, friendship, and care.
Animals who come from industrial farms are expensive to care for because they often develop chronic health issues over the course of their lifetime. And when we take in a new resident, we are committing to years of care. So when we said yes to Robbie, we knew you'd be there to help.
We can't do this lifesaving work without you. You are the reason we're able to say yes to animals who desperately need our help like Robbie – animals who have had devastating lives before coming to sanctuary. Please be there for her and show her that you care by making a gift today. Any size donation greatly helps Robbie and the rest of the residents at Luvin Arms.
Thank you for caring about the animals that society tells us not to care about, farmed animals. With your help, we can create a kinder world for all farmed animals.

Please help today