Three-week old calf can't walk and has serious infection. He's in the hospital now

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Last night, we rushed a baby calf named Indy to the hospital. He can't walk and there are signs of serious infection. He needs help right now. Please help him.

We received a late night call that there was a three-week-old calf at a grass-fed beef facility in Oregon with a severe limp, making it extremely difficult and painful to walk. He would have been left to suffer and die...we were his last hope.

Two dedicated volunteers flew out last night and when they arrived, Indy was way worse than we anticipated – he was extremely dehydrated, lethargic, and his wounded legs smelled terribly of infection.

The plan was to make a 24-hour drive straight to our local emergency vet hospital in Colorado, but his condition was so poor that we made the call to send him to the closest vet hospital in California where he is now.

The vets immediately started Indy on antibiotics, fluids, and oxygen and are running tests this morning. He's hanging on by a thread.

Help save Indy. He was saved from death once and we need your help to give him a fighting chance to survive again.

Costs are already over $5,000 between travel, transport, and initial vet care estimates.

We can't do this alone – Indy needs your help to survive. If he makes it through, his care could be tens of thousands of dollars. Please help this baby and donate today. Any amount helps.

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