Sanctuary Story Time

Are you a young person who LUVS helping animals?! Luvin Arms has an opportunity for young people to provide a compassionate service to our animals from the safety and comfort of their own home!

Sanctuary Story Times provides enrichment for some of our special needs residents like our chickens with mobility issues. Because they have mobility issues they have trouble engaging in typical chicken behavior. That’s why they love to watch shows, listen to music, and be read to!

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Young people who participate in a Luvin Arms for Sanctuary Story Time will be able to…
1. Practice their read-aloud skills. What better way to practice reading aloud than to do it with animals who won’t judge whatever reading level you are at?!
2. Make a difference in the lives of a few farmed animal friends by providing enrichment to better their quality of life.
3. Virtually meet and learn about a few farmed animals and some of the ways they are just like us and we are just like them!

Friends who register for Sanctuary Story Time can choose their favorite compassionate book or story about animals to read aloud to our special needs residents and the rest of their peers group engaged in the activity. In order to schedule a story time, there needs to be 5 to 10 readers.

This is a great school activity for teachers to get their students involved in so that they can build confidence in their reading skills!

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