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Shartrina White

Executive Director

Luvin Arms

Willow Alexis Mercurio

Animal Caregiver

Willow began volunteering January 2018 and quickly fell in love with the residents and the work; right away she decided that she would not return to grad school and would instead work in this field. By March of that year she had already transitioned from volunteer, to guide, then to intern in the animal care department. For six months she interned, working five days a week at her job and volunteering three days a week as an intern, but right after her internship ended, in October 2018, an animal care position opened up; she applied and got the job and has worked here ever since.


Favorite memory with our residents:

It’s hard for me to pick one favorite story, as I have had so many great experiences with so many of the residents, but one of my favorite stories, involving two of my favorite residents, Ophelia and Athena, who I have know since they were just over two weeks old, and involves a behavior I noticed them engaging in. On numerous occasions they would both exhale hot air at me, it wasn’t something I had really seen them do to others and they were doing it to me all of the time. I did some research and discovered that it is a behavior that has a meaning to it. When they exhale like that it has the meaning of trust and love. Now when they do it, it always brings a smile to my face.

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Thera Irlbeck

Animal Caregiver

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Hannah Rosenoff

Animal Caregiver

Hannah is a devoted caregiver for farmed animals and has been involved in the sanctuary world for over 5 years. Outside of work, she enjoys experimenting with plant based recipes, practicing yoga, and taking her dog on hikes.

Favorite memory with our residents:

Playing with the cows before sunset. I noticed Tito licking his salt block in the pasture and went over to say hi. He clearly was in a playful mood so we jumped around for a bit and not long after Domino, Leroy, and Milo came running. Their energy was electric, I watched them frolic and butt heads, all clearly having so much fun. I ran alongside them, encouraging excitement and building on their energy. We had such a good time!

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Cassie Baurick

Volunteer & Care Liaison

Cassie first visited Luvin Arms for a tour back in May of 2017. After attending the tour, Cassie fell in love with all of the residents and knew in her heart that this is where she wanted to be. Cassie was the first animal care intern at Luvin Arms, and after her internship the sanctuary offered her a position as an animal caretaker. It was truly a dream come true! Cassie was a caretaker at the sanctuary for a year when she then decided to attend school for animal natural healing and communication. It was her love for animals that inspired her to want to connect with them on a deeper level and offer them a natural healing alternative. She is now back at the sanctuary as our Care-Volunteer Liaison.
Favorite memory with our residents:
I had never been around cows before I visited Luvin Arms and when Tito and I first met we instantly had a connection. I met him when he was only a month old and ever since then we have been best buds. One of my favorite memories was when Tito was a baby and would zoom around and play just like a puppy. I loved interacting and connecting with him in that way. Every now and again Tito and I will get to interact in that way and play like we used to.
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Hanna Kircher

Development & Marketing Coordinator

Hanna had been working in the animal rights movement for a few years when she had the opportunity to intern at a farmed animal sanctuary doing development. This experience is what led her to work at Luvin Arms so she could use her knowledge and experience to directly help farmed animals. When she's not at the sanctuary, she enjoys hiking, cooking plant-based meals, and playing video games.
Favorite memory with our residents:
I was hanging out with the sheep family and giving Jaclyn and Lexine some scratches behind the ears when suddenly I'm pushed from behind and fell over completely. It was Jared head butting me from behind, which was definitely a surprise. I love the sheep family for all of their playful personalities, even when it results in me falling over!
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Alexis Miller

Education & Outreach Manager

Alexis Miller's role as Education and Outreach Manager at Luvin Arms provides her the opportunity to live her passion of helping humans develop empathy and understanding for non humans in order to create a kinder world for all.  Alexis lives with her two fur babies in an animal sanctuary co-op with 10 other humans and 11 non human animals, where there is a practice of intentional living.  Before her life in Sanctuary work, Alexis used her Masters of Arts in Teaching to help youth express themselves through art, which she still loves to do given the chance.
Favorite memory with our residents:
While leading a public tour and discussing how gentle and wonderful cows are, (which they are) Alexis's toe found its way through a small opening at the bottom of the fence, where the cows residents were romping around. Unfortunately, they romped into the side of the fence and stepped directly onto Alexis's big toe.  This hurt a lot and continued to hurt for months; however, Alexis felt the need to mask her pain so as not to give the cows any negative representation. She did her best to finish out the tour without a limp and without putting any farmed animal reputations as risk. It wasn't easy, but she is confident that she was able to do it without hindering anyone's perception and love of cows!
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Ashlea Miller

Volunteer & Events Manager

Ashlea grew up in Oklahoma where she fell in love with traditionally farmed animals. She is passionate about providing sanctuary for both animals and humans, building community, and eating plant-based mac n' cheese.
Favorite memory with our residents:
My favorite memories are cuddling up with Tito and letting the Sheep Family chew on my hair.