URGENT RESCUE: Five turkeys from industrial farm

They need sponsors! Sponsor one girl for just $50

Sponsor a turkey today

Just days before Thanksgiving and we rescued five turkeys who came from a large-scale industrial farm. We're asking for your help — please sponsor one of these girls today with a gift of $50 or more and give her the lifesaving care she desperately needs. As a thank you, we will send you a card with her picture and story.

Chai, Darjeeling, Oolong, Matcha, and Chamomile came home to sanctuary. They were just babies, about four months old — the disturbingly young age at which turkeys are slaughtered.

As an act of compassion, or maybe just to clear their conscience, an unnamed turkey producer released some of their birds before Thanksgiving...before sending thousands more to slaughter.

Turkey farms such as this treat their innocent turkeys horrendously. Bucolic advertisements of happy turkeys on rolling hills couldn't be further from the truth. Tens of thousands of turkeys are crammed into filthy barns and suffer from disease, infections, open wounds, and injuries. Many can barely stand and slowly die in their own waste.

Our team has been working feverishly to get them the urgent care they need before any more damage is done. They've already had their toes and beaks cut and have angel wing — a condition developed as a result of malnourishment.

They are an industrial breed, which means they’ll grow rapidly, way larger than natural size, and will likely have health complications in years to come. They will always need to be on special diets and watched carefully.

These baby girls would have been part of the 46 million turkeys slaughtered to be dinner in just two days. They’re weak. They’re scared. They need your help.

Please sponsor one or more turkey girls today with a gift of $50 or more. With you as her sponsor, your rescued turkey has the chance to live a happy life free of exploitation.

Thank you for all you do for farmed animals. They so desperately need our help, and we're so grateful to have you as a dedicated partner in this lifesaving work.