Sponsor a Turkey this Thanksgiving

For a $50 sponsorship, you'll get a card with your rescued turkey's picture and story

Sponsor a turkey today

Celebrate compassion this Thanksgiving by sponsoring a turkey at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary. For $50, you'll get a card with the story of your rescued turkey friend, and the warm feeling knowing you are making a difference to him and the millions like him. It's a great, and affordable way to help pay for food, shelter, care, and love for animals who need it most. And sponsorships make great gifts!

Every Thanksgiving, 46 million turkeys are slaughtered. The vast majority of them come from factory farms where they are crammed in windowless sheds, fed excessively so that grow at a rapid rate to where their legs and internal organs can't keep up, they barely have room to walk or spread their wings, and they live a life of misery. It would be like living your entire life in a very crowded, dark, dirty, subway car.

Regardless of living in a factory farm or at a backyard operation, turkeys are viewed as money-making commodities. But not here.

At Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary, we treat our residents like the individuals they are and give them the very best care. We rescue them from terrible situations and give them the life they deserve, like Walter the turkey.

Walter was abandoned, along with one other rooster and three ducks. All of these beautiful birds were left locked up in a small enclosure after their humans moved out of state. Their conditions were horrendous; they had no access to food or clean water, there were bones from other dead animals all over the ground, and they couldn't escape. Based on the time of year, we believe that Walter was being raised for Thanksgiving dinner.

Luckily, a caring neighbor spotted them and they came home to Luvin Arms.

Walter had a rough beginning, and so he prefers to keep his distance. While he doesn't like being held, if he trusts you, he will come right over and talk to you.

Please sponsor Walter this holiday. He is an inspiring ambassador for the millions never seen.

Thank you for being there for Walter and our dozens of other rescued residents. We couldn't do this lifesaving work without you.