The Luvin Arms Volunteer Program is currently suspended until further notice. If you have any questions please contact our Volunteer & Events Manager at ashlea@luvinarms.org

Animal Care at Luvin Arms

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Enjoy a fun and social environment with your fellow volunteers while also filling a crucial role for the health and well-being of our family of residents!

Animal care shifts include cleaning resident living areas, replenishing feed and water, helping to keep other areas of the sanctuary clean and organized, and giving the animals some love and attention. Each task directly contributes to the absolute best quality of care for our residents!

Prior experience caring for farmed animals is helpful, but not necessary to get involved! Our staff and volunteer guides will teach you everything you need to know to care for our residents with success.

Getting Started

To become an animal care volunteer at Luvin Arms, interested parties must attend one of our animal care orientation sessions on-site at the sanctuary. Orientations are hands-off, informative experiences during which you’ll be toured around the resident areas of the sanctuary while learning key policies and procedures for animal care along the way.

These trainings take place a couple of times each month, and last 2 hours. Space is limited, and must be reserved in advance online.

After you complete your orientation, you will be invited to our animal care shift calendar, where you can sign-up for shifts on a schedule that works for you.

Animal Care Guides:
Your On-Shift Resource


At Luvin Arms, each animal care shift is led by one of our dedicated and experienced volunteers that we call our Animal Care Guides. Guides are responsible for everything that happens during their shift. They give direction to the other volunteers working with them, and share timely and important animal care updates with their fellow volunteers as they arise.

Animal care guides are there to make sure that our volunteers and residents are safe, happy, and supported.

Attire & What to Bring

Closed-toe, sturdy shoes are required at all times for animal care volunteers, and for all other visitors and volunteers at Luvin Arms. We highly recommend that you wear long pants during your care shift, and dress comfortably for the weather.

Please bring anything else with you that will make you comfortable: work gloves, hats, sunglasses, sunblock and bug spray, dust masks, snacks (plant-based only, please), etc.

Animal Care FAQs

How old do you have to be to volunteer with animal care at Luvin Arms?

Animal care volunteers must be at least 16 years old to participate in animal care shifts. Volunteers ages 16-17 may volunteer without parental supervision as long as a waiver has been signed by a parent or legal guardian on the minor’s behalf.

Can I bring my child with me to animal care shifts if they stay under my supervision the whole time?

Children under 16 may not accompany parents or guardians during animal care shifts, even if they aren't participating in any of the tasks.

Can I bring my dog or other companion animal with me to my animal care shift?

Companion animals should stay at home when you are visiting or volunteering at Luvin Arms. Our residents come from abuse and neglect situations, and we need to be aware of their feelings of safety and comfort at all times, which can be disturbed if a dog or other animal is present.

When does animal care take place? How long are the shifts?

Animal Care takes place every day of the week, rain or shine, and there are two shifts each day:

The AM Care Shift begins at 9am
The PM Care Shift begins at 4pm

Shifts typically last 2-3 hours, depending on how many volunteers are signed up.

How many volunteers can sign-up for a shift?

We currently allot for up to five volunteers per shift. This includes one care guide plus four additional animal care volunteers.

My schedule won’t allow for me to come when the shift starts. Can a shift start earlier or later for me, or can I come early or late?

In the interest of consistency for our residents, we cannot change shift start times to accommodate volunteer schedules. It is important that our volunteers arrive on time for their shifts.

Do I have to commit to a certain number of hours each month to become a Luvin Arms animal care volunteer?

No! We appreciate any and all time our volunteers are able to give to the care for our residents. Consistent volunteer commitments help us out tremendously, and we’d love to be your home away from home, but volunteers who can only make it out periodically to participate in animal care are always welcome.

What kinds of animals will I help care for as an animal care volunteer at Luvin Arms?

Luvin Arms is dedicated to rescuing farmed animals from abuse and neglect situations. Our family of residents currently includes horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, a llama, hens, roosters, ducks, and a turkey.

My friend/spouse/family member wants to come volunteer with me. Can I bring them to my next shift?

Everyone who wants to help us care for our residents must first attend one of our on-site Animal Care Orientations before they can sign-up for or attend any shifts. Please refer to our orientation schedule for the next available date.

Can I bring treats (produce) from home for some of the residents during my shift?

Bringing produce from home is a lovely treat for our residents, and you are welcome to bring some fruits or vegetables to share during your shift.

However, the types of foods our residents can have not only varies by species, but also varies by the health and wellness of each individual resident. It is important that you always refer to the approved animal produce lists in the barns before feeding anything to our residents, and always ask your guide if a resident is on a special diet before giving them any treats. With your help, we can keep all of our residents healthy and happy!

I love all animals, but a certain species makes me uncomfortable. Will I be required to work with them?

If you have uneasiness around any of our residents for any reason, please feel encouraged to share that information with your guide or a staff member. There are so many varied tasks during animal care shifts that you and your guide can work together to find the right ways for you to contribute to animal care.

Can I take photos of (or with) the animals?

We would love for you to share the great time you're having as a Luvin Arms volunteer with others through photos. All we ask that volunteers reserve any visiting or photo time with the residents until after their shift is complete.

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